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“I can wholeheartedly recommend Christina! When I decided to translate my German-language book ‘Shiro’ into English in 2008, I first contacted a German provider. Christina’s English translation met all my expectations, conveyed the content, and even matched the emotions that I had while writing the book. Completely authentic!”


Andreas Dudàs, Entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker

Quality editing which delivers DE>EN translation and proofreading you can trust

The secret to a good translation is the editor. I work with a trusted network of editors who can work on a variety of topics including medicine, spatial planning, and economics.

Rapid translations of shorter texts


Share your company information with an international audience. I work with PR companies to translate press releases, white papers, and company reports from German to English.


Due to my network, I’m often able to offer a quick turnaround on these types of documents.


You get a translation you know shares your message accurately and engagingly in your inbox when you need it.

Non-fiction and fiction book translations


When you’re having your book translated from German to English, it’s not a simple case of directly translating the words. You want to ensure the text reflects your tone and reads as well as the original.


I will involve you in the translation of your book every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with the English version.


From the start of your project, we’ll agree on a project plan together. You’ll know when you can expect the chapters so you can read and review them.


You will get an English version of your text which delights your international readers as much as the original German. Make your work accessible to a wider audience and create new opportunities by asking me to work on your book with you.


Projects I have worked on:


Max Meyer is a retired lawyer and entrepreneur from Bern, Switzerland. He has published significantly in the field of economics. The Other Side of Now is his first work of fiction.






Max Meyer is a retired lawyer and entrepreneur from Bern, Switzerland. Published by Springer in 2020, Liberal Democracy is his most recent work of non-fiction.





Markus Haering has an MSc in Earth Sciences and a PhD in Natural Sciences. He worked for over ten years as  an exploration geologist for Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij in Peru, Australia, the Netherlands and Nigeria.






Andreas Dudas is an entrepreneur, explorer, and legacy maker. Visit his webpage to learn more about his work.

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