Project support

When Christina first moved to Switzerland, she worked as a waitress. To practice her German, she would read newspapers and often found herself matching the “He’s looking for her” and “She’s looking for him” ads. That was her first experience as a matchmaker, if only for fun. Today, she reads the Harvard Business Review and other leading publications and matches articles to clients. When she prepares for a new client, whether for language training or translation, she researches their sector to discover the latest happenings and industry innovations.

Christina uses this unique and powerful skill to build efficient teams and bring people together. She is capable of determining how individuals’ strengths, personalities, capabilities, knowledge, and experience can bring out the best in their fellow team members – a huge advantage for businesses with ongoing projects of all kinds.

On a one-on-one basis, Christina provides coaching and consultation that involves uncovering individuals’ challenges or objectives and pairing them with the person, event, team or service that can help them overcome a particular obstacle or step closer to their ultimate goal.

Christina’s project support services include:
  • Corporate matchmaking
  • Building internal teams
  • Conference, event and workshop research
  • Project strategy & consultation