Language training


We offer traditional courses where you can prepare for exams or improve your English every week.


Just contact us for a placement test or to discuss your needs.


We also offer shorter-term modular courses to address specific needs.


Speeches and Presentations


Be memorable - for all the right reasons


We have all sat through those keynote speeches that bored us to tears. I don’t want you to be one of those speakers. Using a three-part framework and your own natural style, we will develop your storytelling skills so that your next presentation or speech is remembered for all the right reasons.



The IT Life


How to talk to the Board


IT is filled with challenges. One of them is explaining what it is you do to people who want you to produce that elusive “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”. A client of mine recently asked me how to politely tell someone to “shut up”. Another asked me how to explain complex IT projects to non-technical people. In this modular course, you will not only practice the polite phrases you will need at your next 15-minute stand-up meeting, but you will also work on techniques to help non-technical company members and customers understand what you are doing.



“Maintenance” English


Staying  fluent


If you don’t use it, you might lose it. Years ago, you learned English. Maybe you did a year abroad or attended university in an English-speaking country. So why do you find yourself contributing less during meetings than you would like or searching for words or expressions? You are probably just rusty and need a little practice to get back into the groove. In this modular course, you will get the practice you need by talking about the topics that are important to you.




Effective Language Training


  • Business German
  • General German
  • German for special purposes
  • German for medical professionals
  • German for academics


Communication Skills

  • Presenting to an international audience
  • Intercultural awareness
  • The language of meetings
  • Pronunciation training
  • Meeting preparation
  • Seminar preparation
  • Special requests

Examination Preparation

  • All exams up to C2 (including special professional exams, e.g. German for dentists, for medical professionals, etc.)