Master English for International Business Meetings

Communicate at the speed of life with 1:1 English lessons online.


“Christina Warren’s individual English lessons are tailor-made, and she really takes into account the specific needs of her clients. When it comes to the content of the lessons, she is very flexible and is happy to incorporate topics that interest you at short notice e.g. at the beginning of the lesson. As CEO, I can highly recommend Ms Warren’s individual English courses for the management level.”


Patrick Gauch, CEO, AXPACOM


When you’re sitting in a meeting or fielding questions during a pitch, you need to be able to speak English fluently. You’ve got enough to do without thinking about whether you have chosen the right word, or if your pronunciation is correct.


I enable you to communicate at the speed of life. You’ll be able to keep up with the conversation in English, wherever it may be, and contribute to it just as well as if it were in German, French, or Italian.


You want to:

  • improve your English communication skills so you can talk about your business, services, and products clearly. You also want to enjoy socializing without worrying about whether you’ve said the right thing.
  • be able to instantly recall English vocabulary so you’re not trying to think of the right words.
  • give speeches and presentations which people remember for the right reasons.
  • contribute during meetings without the conversation moving on before you’ve worked out what to say.


You also want to enjoy learning English, and not feel like you’re back in the classroom being schooled.


I enable you to communicate at the speed of life. You’ll be able to keep up with the conversation in English, wherever it may be, and contribute to it just as well as if it were in German, French or Italian. Let’s talk!



What do you want to achieve with your English lessons?

I'm preparing a speech or a presentation

Whether you are presenting to two people or 2000, you want to be confident in your spoken English.


You could also be “translating” on two levels if you’re speaking about a technical subject to an audience that doesn’t speak your technical language: into English and into non-tech language.


You want to deliver a well-structured, interesting talk that you can share without having to think about finding the words. That’s exactly what we will work on together.


Get in touch with me to be confident about speaking in English and getting the outcome you want from your talk.




Your trainer: a native English speaker living in Switzerland


Hello, I’m Christina Warren and I’ve been teaching English to professionals for more than 30 years. My students work in a variety of sectors including banking and finance, IT services, papermaking, printing, telecommunications, medical technology, and food processing.


I’ve lived in Switzerland since 1985  and originally hail from Mississippi, USA (via the Emmental). I know what it’s like to learn and maintain a second (or third) language. As well as speaking German at a professional level, I am currently learning Italian and it’s quite a different experience. It has reminded me of the essentials required in the early language learning experience, and my teaching has improved because of the experience.


I enjoy learning about my clients’ worlds and cheering them on as they share their ideas and grow their businesses internationally using English as a second language. I’m looking forward to hearing all about what you do and how I can help you, as we engage in great discussions about the topics that matter most to you.

I need English for business meetings

If you are looking to maintain, or improve, your fluency in English, I will make your language practice fit in with your business. 


You’ll read texts which relate to your work, and we’ll have conversations about your industry. I’ll also make sure you’re keeping up with your grammar.


Book a course of lessons with me and take care of your English while learning about topics of interest to you.


Lessons can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes. They take place online using Skype, Zoom, or Teams. This means you can continue your English training wherever you are in the world.