Tune up Your Training

Translate your technical knowledge into language your audience will understand.


“Christina helped us to develop our creative sides, so after just a few workshops, we were able to put together the perfect presentation. Christina was very attuned to our individual styles and, almost unnoticed by us, she immediately catered to them. With a lot of patience and constructive criticism, Christina was able to transform monotone speakers into dynamic orators, so we could give our perfect presentation the delivery it deserved.”


S.K. former employee at PENTAG Informatik AG

Discover how to deliver training that meets your audience where they are

Have you ever been on a training course that didn’t meet your expectations? Now you’re delivering training yourself and you’re eager to provide an enjoyable and productive experience for the people attending.


You know your product or service inside out but the people you are talking to may not. At the same time, you don’t want to talk down to them. They’re smart people after all! They just don’t know what you know.


To make it trickier, you’re delivering your course in English, which is not your first language. You want to be sure of your language and nuance.


You want to be confident you've created an outstanding training program.


Step this way and we’ll work together to do just that.

Develop your training in collaboration with an experienced coach and translator


Hi, I’m Christina and I’ve been a language trainer for more than 30 years. I have developed various approaches for helping people with different learning styles. I will share these with you. I’ve also sat through lots of training courses myself and know some of the pitfalls. I’m a critical student!


I’ve worked with all kinds of businesses operating in specialist fields. I particularly enjoy helping people in IT share what their app or software does so people can see the benefit of using it and enjoy that experience.


Whether you are delivering training to an internal or external audience, I can help you. We'll devise your training, so people walk away confident that they have benefitted from attending your course. I can also help you research any cultural issues you need to be aware of. This can be as important, if not more so, than having confidence in your words.


Here’s what you’ll get

✔ Language coaching focused on the training you want to     

    deliver so you speak with confidence.

✔ Time to rehearse your course delivery so you can 

    practice timings and activities.

✔ Feedback on your training program to help you hone it 

    to meet your audience’s needs.

✔ An understanding of your audience’s cultural

    background and how they might respond.

✔ Translation of your materials so they convey the nuance

    of the original

✔ Techniques to elicit feedback from your participants so

    you know whether your training met their needs and 

    can follow up with them.


Get a full package of support to deliver your training.


It all starts with a friendly conversation with me via Teams about what you are teaching and the outcome you are looking for. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Lets talk about your training course!