Supporting your Communications at the Speed of Life

I am in my zone when I can get the right information to the right person at the right time.


“Christina Warren from Business English Consulting GmbH has been professionally supporting PENTAG Informatik AG with various English requirements for many years now, to our complete satisfaction. Among other activities, Christina teaches PENTAG employees English every week. Christina really knows how to make the classes varied, interesting, and interactive, and to infuse them with a hint of humor. She doesn’t just stick to the textbook but uses current topics from economics, science and everyday life.


If an employee at PENTAG has to do a presentation or conduct an important meeting in English, Christina guarantees thorough preparation. We also know we can rely on Christina for one-off translations for our website, flyers, quotes, and documents.”


Romano Coduri, Head of Software Development and Member of the Executive Board, PENTAG Informatik AG



My name is Christina Warren and I founded Business English Consulting to help you improve your English language skills for your job.


I know what it is like to sit in a meeting and not contribute ideas because I was trying to find the right phrasing in German. Or because by the time I had worked out my response to what was being said, the moment had passed. I want you to be able to add to discussions in English in real-time. 


A standard curriculum can only get you so far. When you’re building professional relationships, chairing or taking part in board meetings, presenting to investors, or sharing research, you need to be fluent and spontaneous in English.


My credentials

  • MEd ELT, University of Manchester, Manchester, England
  • Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Cambridge University/Royal Society of Arts (R.S.A.)
  • Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • BSc with honors, University of Southern Mississippi, major in Hotel Restaurant Management, minors in German and Marketing


My curiosity is at your service


I have a wide range of interests that I feed with my natural curiosity. I’m interested in who you are, what you do, and what’s happening in your industry. I use my curiosity to research resources you will find useful and interesting. My goal is to find material that you’ll not only enjoy discussing while we are improving your English, but that you’ll also want to share with your colleagues.


If you’re giving a presentation then I won’t just help you deliver the words in English, I’ll work with you to develop the material to get the best possible response. You want your audience to connect with you and your message. Even better, you want them to give you feedback on what you had to say.


I apply my curiosity to translations. I make sure you’ve got the right vocabulary and tone, so your reader hears your voice and engages with your text.

My roots


In 1985 I answered the call of the mountains and my Swiss roots and moved from the US, where I had lived all my life, to Switzerland. My mother was from the Emmental and my grandmother from the Bernese Oberland.


The mountains are my soul home, the place I go to recharge and reconnect. I am fascinated by the way nature responds to what seems like a harsh environment and how humans interact with these elements. For me, the cairns used as trail markers are more than just piles of stones. They are a connection to the people who walked there before me. They link us together. They help us find the way.


Like the stones, language is a link to our past and to each other. It enables us to create and share ideas, to innovate, and work together. It creates opportunities and it is a conduit, helping us find the way. Let English be to your career, what the stones are to hikers in the mountains.


My passion for teaching English as a foreign language started when I worked as a conversation partner for students at the English Language Institute while I was a student at the University of Southern Mississippi. When I first moved to Switzerland, I pursued my first career choice, but I missed the interaction with students and our conversations, so I went back to school and qualified to become a language teacher.


I love working with my clients and learning about their different businesses. It’s fun walking into a company and discovering what it does. I’m interested in the challenges and opportunities your sector is facing and I enjoy researching topics you’ll find useful for work as we improve your fluency in English.


I’m also a connector. I meet so many people working in different roles and industries that when I hear of someone who needs their skills, I refer them. If there’s someone I think you’d like to meet, I’ll recommend you connect.


When I’m not teaching English or working on a translation, you’ll find me enjoying a walk around my home city of Bern or exploring the Loetschental. I love books and writing and regularly attend the Geneva Writers’ Conference, where I have met some amazing writers, poets, and artists.