English Language Training and Translation Services for Professionals

Develop your English skills so you can communicate with confidence.



Do business locally and internationally


Is English the lingua franca in your company, or are you doing business internationally? Perhaps you need to serve English-speaking clients.

Whether you are looking to progress in your job, partner with businesses overseas, or attract international clients, Business English Consulting is here to help. We offer English language training, for professionals.

We also provide translation services so you can share company news or your latest book with a wider audience.

Business English Consulting is a very flexible company in the English teaching sector (1:1 or classes), and they deal with any type of translation. Christina knows how to think her way into our complex business and to help achieve the highest possible success/profit.

Jürg Fuhrer, BusinessCom Trading AG, CEO

English Language training

Get 1:1 online English language training tailored to your business needs so you can communicate effectively in meetings, pitches, and day-to-day life.

German to English translation

Make your book, company report, or press release more accessible by translating it into English. You’ll reach a wider audience while losing none of the detail in the original.

English for course developers

Deliver outstanding corporate training in English and translate your technical language as well. You’ll also learn teaching techniques you can use when you are presenting it.

Hello, I’m Christina Warren


Based in Bern, Switzerland, I’m a qualified language teacher working with professionals who want to master communication in English.


I specialize in:

  • helping people prepare presentations in English
  • enabling IT professionals to talk about their products to a non-tech audience
  • German to English book or document translation
  • training people to deliver courses in English that keep the participants’ attention while using language they can understand.


I work both face-to-face and online. How can I support you?